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In today’s vibrant and highly dynamic business environment, it is essential that an enterprise should be built on a reliable and robust IT infrastructure. Businesses use IT as a platform to leverage the way they operate and an effective IT infrastructure acts as a strategic tool. Secure Max provides vendor independent consulting for IT Infrastructure Solutions. Our technical expertise in end-to-end infrastructure management solutions helps customers to harvest the best returns on IT investments.

Threats to data security and company information are increasing daily. It's necessary to prevent external attacks from the Internet at many different levels. It’s also wise to protect information internally from prying eyes, and even malicious damage. In addition, contingency plans ought to be in place. These can literally save the business should a catastrophic event occur.

Security equipment has advanced to cope with modern threats, but that inevitably means it's become ever more complex. Without specialist knowledge, some of the tools available can be far more of an obstacle to users than a benefit.

Secure communications are possible, however (thanks to the Internet), over long distances, and cost effectively too. It is possible to keep business data and communications safe and without undue restrictions on collaborative business activities.

Secure Max have a great deal of experience in installing and managing security devices such as firewalls, access control devices such as key based authentication systems, as well as onsite and offsite backup and data protection systems. We are familiar with modern integrated facilities management systems too, and have design-level expertise in remote monitoring approaches.

We use to ensure our clients are fully protected from external or internal threats to data security.

Network planning and the proper design for your business will ensures that your network will perform as needed within your company. This process of planning and designing a network for your business involves the following;

Secure Max can help you build a new network, refresh your existing network or provide basic IT needs. From small, mid-sized to large organizations we can build a customized business plan that fits your needs now and help you to continue to grow and ensure that all of your needs are met. We will implement an environment that ensures all of your employees have access to the data they need in order to be most efficient. There is no time to waste with a network that does not perform. We can analyze your current system and ensure that you are running at optimal speed and performance.

If you are not satisfied with your network and server performance you may need to analyze your business applications to ensure you are running reliable secure and fast applications to maximize production. Your data is critical to the success of your business. We can assist you in evaluating your current environment and recommend and implement the most effective and economical networking solutions.

Secure Max provides you with an online showcase where you can display your offerings to prospective visitors or clients. Static Websites follow "What you see is what you have" concept, thus,Static website is ideal for those companies or individuals who just need the website to establish their web presence or use it as a contact platform for their clients.

Secure Max caters to all your static website development needs with perfection. Be it developing a simple and informative website or one with an attractive look and feel or both, we offer you our quality web services in the most attractive and cheapest prices

At Secure Max, planning is our virtue. We don't rush with the development process. Rather our web analysis team first studies your needs carefully and presents you with a proposed web template. After getting your initial approval, our web design and development team opens its creative panel and deliver you the unique HTML website that others would like to follow. Whole website is developed using Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, CSS, PHP and JavaScript

We also offer our services at low prices using the globally recognized Offshore Outsourcing Model.

We are providing 24X7 customer support to the clients technical and non-technical issues through chats and email.

Offers wide range of static website development services from a simple informative website to one with a spicy look and feel.

Caters to all your custom needs during analysis phase for maximum Customer Satisfaction

100% in-house developed designs, thus giving unique look to your website

Develops websites that works well on both Windows and Macintosh Environment.

Leverages latest technical tools to provide enhanced website browsing.

Delivers quality web services at rock bottom prices using Offshore outsourcing Model

Secure Max is specializes in the design, engineering and deployment of wired and wireless Branch Connectivity solutions. We offer end to end solutions from copper and fiber to testing and cabinetry. Secure Max are also Network Cabling Specialist which represents the finest lines in the communications industry. Whether you require a point-to-point, or an enterprise wide multi-access wired or wireless network, by identifying each customer's requirements for security, bandwidth and coverage to ensure that every wired or wireless network integration or deployment is as reliable and secure as its wired counterpart.

Managed VPN Services

[ Remote access in safe hands ]

Today, more than ever before, it’s so important to make information available to both internal and external users. That’s why, whether your priorities are increased productivity, more flexible working arrangements for your people, or improved communication links with your suppliers, business partners and customers, remote access is paramount.

For some companies, providing secure remote access to so many from a multitude of devices to a broad range of corporate resources is a gargantuan task. So you’ll be happy to know that we manage our SSL VPN. A relaxing thought indeed.

And whatever life throws at your business, by way of disaster or sudden disruption, our SSL VPN solution can support rapid relocation of your people to remote locations, to make sure your business doesn’t miss a beat.


[ Keeping everyone safely in the loop. ]

These days, it’s vital that applications and data can be shared between offices and remote users; this kind of sharing is essential to increasing productivity and providing more flexible working arrangements for your people. In addition, if you want to maintain that ‘special’ relationship with your suppliers, business partners (and whoever else), you need remote access. It’s as simple as that.

For some, it’s a pretty daunting and mind boggling task; what happens if it all goes wrong? That’s where our Managed VPN solution comes in, because it can easily support any number of remote users to make sure everything (and everyone) stays hunky dory - and in touch.

Put simply, our IP Security VPN (IPSec VPN) provides a secure, private tunnel between devices; the ideal way to extend your private network across the internet to a remote site or branch office.